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Acapulco Gold Is Best Known As The World’s One Of The Oldest Strong Strains

Acapulco Gold is in use since 1964 so the popularity can be imagined by the period and being consumed for so long. Sativa 80{de02c789bee1c1907d41c61f45163025bfc57eefd6b3dbd1b104ccf736217635} and Indica 20{de02c789bee1c1907d41c61f45163025bfc57eefd6b3dbd1b104ccf736217635} are the main ingredients of Acapulco Gold which can grab the pleasant moment ever. When is grown indoors, the strain flowers for 70-75 days. Outdoors, plants get ready for harvest by mid-October. It smells chamomile and smoky. It is citrus and smells smoky, chocolaty, and rich chamomile familiar to everyone. It can capture the sight with its gold, green, and brown combination of look. It is used for medical use on common diseases like pain, nausea, and loss of appetite. It is great to cure depression and anxiety. Acapulco Gold is considered a soft drug, it consists of the dried leaves of the hemp plant, smoked or chewed for euphoric effect. This strain is known to produce the most powerful cerebral high that raises mood on the height. One cannot resist without taking after getting familiar once with all instincts of it. Because of its popularity since the old days, it is considered to be one of the favorite cannabis all over. The killing effect inspires to be taken so often. It has sometimes typical effects like paranoia and cottonmouth. Which are pretty common after consuming this kind of cannabis.

Acapulco Gold helps with

  • 33{de02c789bee1c1907d41c61f45163025bfc57eefd6b3dbd1b104ccf736217635} of people say it helps with stress
  • 28{de02c789bee1c1907d41c61f45163025bfc57eefd6b3dbd1b104ccf736217635} of people say it helps with depression
  • 25{de02c789bee1c1907d41c61f45163025bfc57eefd6b3dbd1b104ccf736217635} of people say it helps with anxiety

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