Lemon Haze


Lemon Haze


Lemon Haze is a popular Sativa dominant hybrid. It is a combination of Sativa hybrid silver haze and pungent lemon skunk. Measured THC content for this strain is about 15{de02c789bee1c1907d41c61f45163025bfc57eefd6b3dbd1b104ccf736217635} to 20{de02c789bee1c1907d41c61f45163025bfc57eefd6b3dbd1b104ccf736217635}. The amount of CBD presented in this marijuana is recorded with 0.38{de02c789bee1c1907d41c61f45163025bfc57eefd6b3dbd1b104ccf736217635}. Lemon Haze is a popular strain considered best for day use to stay relaxed the whole day.

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Lemon Haze Is No Doubt Strong Stuff For Sudden Improvement In Mood

Buds are said to be distinct in shape, medium to large in size having roughly circular hunk more likely grapes. The Green and orange color of the flower is eye-catching. Lemon Haze has come up with strong citrus aroma, lemon scent, and spicy herbal force. It has a wonderful lemon scent and fruity smell. It takes merely a few moments after use taking your mood completely revealed. If you are thinking of an option for mental and physical arouse, you are on the right selection here. As far as taste has been described, it is tangy on inhaling and fruity on exhaling. Lemon Haze can be grown indoors and outdoors both. For indoor cultivation, it requires high care for the plants. Once it is inhaled after a couple of minutes the effects one experiences are focused, relaxed, and sedated. Stay energetic and euphoric after consuming this is the most powerful emotions coming out. Nausea, the most common disease can be treated very well with this. It effectively works on ADHD symptoms. Feeling pleasure, relaxation, and calmness with its use are beyond doubt. Lemon Haze is a sativa marijuana strain that smells and tastes like fresh peeled lemon slices. Lemon Haze is made by crossing Lemon Skunk with Silver Haze. Its buds appear to be green and yellow with amber hairs on the trichomes, giving it the yellow tint.

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