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Highland Pharms was founded in Texas in 2015 by a cancer patient named Luke Johnston, along with a few partners. He had been diagnosed with colon cancer and discovered CBD as a way to find relief from the effects of chemotherapy.

Unfortunately, Luke passed away. But his legacy lives on in Highland Pharms CBD, a company dedicated to making high-quality CBD products available to everyone.

Highland Pharms CBD sources all of its hemp from Colorado. Each plant is tested and guaranteed to be organic and non-GMO. They formulate their products with full spectrum CBD using supercritical C02 extraction.

They also sell unprocessed, raw CBD extract—a rare find among CBD companies. This extract is especially high in CBDA and offers unique benefits to the user.

Additional products include oils, creams, edibles, vape products and more. Highland Pharms CBD even made it onto our list of the best CBD vape juice due to its outstanding quality.

Highland Pharms CBD has an impressive line-up of products, each of which comes in a number of sizes and strengths. The options for strength are particularly varied, with CBD oil available at an unmatched 15,000 mg per bottle. Capsules and vape oils are also available in higher-than-average doses.

Known for its natural products, Highland Pharms has a solid lineup of CBD oils to choose from. Based primarily on strength, the lineup includes oil strengths all the way up to 15,000 mg drops. All of its oils are full-spectrum, so they are refined to be as pure as possible. Overall, Highland Pharms is a good buy, especially if you prefer raw, natural oils that are unflavored.

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