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About California Dream

California Dream is a match made in Afghani heaven for those that love a resistant, minty, and well-rounded strain. It has some Mexican strain genetics thrown in as well, which combine to make it an even hardier plant. The strain retains a ton of CBD even after extraction, making this Indica-dominant hybrid (70/30) by the folks at The Seed Pharm a new favorite for West Coast consumers.

This strain is made from landraces, meaning it comes from the plants that are native to their respective regions, leading to consistent growing patterns and a reputation for purity. These strains have well-known places of origin (Afghanistan and Mexico, in this case) and can be traced back generations to determine how its genetics have impacted its current composition. California Dream is made from SFV OG and Super Silver Haze, creating an infamous combination with a 22{de02c789bee1c1907d41c61f45163025bfc57eefd6b3dbd1b104ccf736217635} average THC and 16{de02c789bee1c1907d41c61f45163025bfc57eefd6b3dbd1b104ccf736217635} CBD, which enhances its medicinal effects.

California Dream sprouts cone-shaped buds that are dense, dark green and purple, interspersed with bright orange pistils, and coated in tiny crystals that shine bright white. Buying seeds and cultivating this plant will reveal its landrace genetics in the form of mid-high yields and short, dense plants. They grow wide and bushy, almost like roses, and flower in around 63 days.

GROWING TIPS: While California Dream can be grown inside and outside, those who choose the outdoors will want to make sure the weather is dry and warm. If it is, the strain can be grown without much additional care, making it a good pick for novice cultivators who want to use soil as their go-to growing medium. However, California Dream responds well to being pruned around the bottom, encouraging strength in the branches at the top. Nutrient burn can be an issue for this plant so managing the nitrogen content in the soil and fertilizer is a good idea.

California Dream’s complex taste favors a long-lasting flavor of cookies, mint, and super sweet citrus. The exhale is similar, with a pinch of tea and grapefruit. As you begin smoking, the strain imposes a strongly euphoric mood, which can even become manic and result in dry mouth. In moderation, the strain is a great creativity booster that can help those who suffer from depression, ADHD, or OCD manage their moods.

California Dream destroys negativity, repairs mood swings, and wards off pain and fatigue. Even a bad migraine is no match for this sour, minty cocktail or herbs, cookies, and citrus, which encourages calm feelings in warm waves of mental euphoria. Those looking for a CBD-heavy head high have come to the right dream.

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