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Green Goblin


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Green Goblin 

  • Sativa-dominant strain
  • Extremely high THC levels at 24{de02c789bee1c1907d41c61f45163025bfc57eefd6b3dbd1b104ccf736217635}
  • Yields about 400 grams per square meter

Named after everybody’s second-favorite spider-man villain from the OG movies (Admit it, Doc Ock is the greatest), this strain is actually second to none! Derived from the parent strains of Skunk #1 and Northern Lights, the lineage here is pretty good – featuring two of the best and the most popular names out there. This is a strain that people love to smoke for getting an instant hit because it carries a very high THC content – going as high as 24{de02c789bee1c1907d41c61f45163025bfc57eefd6b3dbd1b104ccf736217635}.

This is the kind of weed that you should smoke at a time in the day when you feel lethargic and tired, such as the postprandial hours in the afternoon. This will provide you with an instant dose of energy and will help you work and focus better. This is a strain that is very uplifting and will put you in a cheerful mood, no matter how bad a day you’re having.

This is also the kind of strain that you think of when you think of a ‘party high’. Getting more than a few puffs of this strain will put you in that zone where you and your friends are sitting in a circle and talking about flying cars that run on water. Yes, that was a That 70s Show Reference, in case you’re wondering.

Getting back to the strain itself, Green Goblin has a very earthy and pungent taste and smell – again two things that you associate with ‘classic’ marijuana. This is primarily because of its lineage that can be traced back to the Skunk strains, which have this overpowering smell and taste. When your plants are fully grown, you get about 400 grams per square meter, which is a decent output. These are also a very easy to grow set of seeds, making them ideal for first-timers as well as experienced growers alike.

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