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Legalizing Medical Marijuana Australia

Legalizing Medical Marijuana Australia

Legalizing Medical Marijuana Australia


A 2019 survey on drug use indicates the majority of Australians are now in support of legalising recreational cannabis use. The National Drug Strategy Household survey is conducted every 3 years, but while it consistently showed an increase in support for legalisation in the past, the latest results mark the first time that cannabis supporters outnumber the opposition.

Compared to 2016, when the National Drug Strategy survey showed only 36% of Australians supported cannabis legalisation, the 2019 results show 41% in support – a 5 percentage point increase. Those who oppose legalisation are now in the minority for the first time, at only 37% of respondents.

While recent New Zealand polls have shown a decline in support for cannabis legalisation, these latest Australian results are significant to the overall view on cannabis in the Oceania region. In this post, we discuss how this latest survey may apply to New Zealand’s upcoming September cannabis referendum. Buy Marijuana Online New Zealand

Similar courses of action in Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand share many similarities in the Oceania region. While their views on cannabis use haven’t been entirely identical over the years, they have followed some comparable patterns.

In 2016, Australia legalised cannabis use for medical purposes. In 2018, New Zealand followed suite with a medical cannabis legalisaition announcement as well. And while the recreational conversation has been alive and well in Australia, it has been even louder here in New Zealand.

In fact, this upcoming September will place New Zealand as the first country in the world to place the question of national cannabis legalisation in the hands of her citizens via a referendum vote. Thus, New Zealand has now taken it a step beyond a conversation, and has actually drafted a final bill that will guide the legal parameters following the referendum, if Kiwis vote Yes to cannabis legalisation. Buy Marijuana Online New Zealand

Surveys have shown support for cannabis legalisation in New Zealand over the years, but that support has declined in recent months

While Australia and New Zealand have taken similar courses of action where cannabis is concerned, New Zealand has shown more support for legalising recreational cannabis over the last few years.

Over the years, Australians’ support for legalisation increased, but the majority always opposed the idea. In New Zealand, on the other hand, there has been outright support. In 2018, for instance, around 67% of New Zealanders said they would vote Yes for cannabis legalisation in the upcoming September referendum. Buy Weed online New Zealand Buy Weed online New Zealand

However, there has been a troubling turn of events. Just months later, in April of 2019, surveys showed that support had declined to 52%. By August of 2019, a 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll showed the numbers had flipped – 52% said they would vote No, while only 39% said they would vote Yes. The latest poll shows No votes at 51%. Buying cannabis online New Zealand Buying cannabis online New Zealand How to order marijuana in New Zealand How to order marijuana in New Zealand


Buy Marijuana Online Australia

Buy Marijuana Online Australia


Australia is home to one of the largest user bases of cannabis. Cannabis is currently the most widely used illegal drug in the country. Public opinion about the drug use has largely been polarizing, with the ban on the drug currently hindering the emergence of evidence for or against the drug use. And the results of studies so far have been a mixed bag of outcomes, some pointing to benevolent effects while others highlight its malignant effects.

However, given the strong consensus in the scientific community for the need to explore the medicinal properties of cannabis, the government has become more inclined to relax regulations for research and clinical use. Law enforcement now tends to overlook cases of medical use and small possession, with the government openly admitting to a change of approach from prohibition to health-conscious regulations. Buy Marijuana Online Australia

In many cases, people caught using cannabis in small quantities only face formal warnings or confiscations.

The use of cannabis in Australia is currently subjected to the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975, which proscribes the drug as a Class C controlled substance. However, while the drug has not been declassified, it has been approved for medicinal use.

Recently, the government enacted a new law that paves the way for patients to gain easy access to cannabis. The move has been heralded as the beginning of a new era that will gradually culminate in the assimilation of cannabis into the mainstream health sector.

The new law puts an end to the prosecution of terminally ill patients and others with serious chronic diseases who smoke weed. The new law will also facilitate the cultivation, extraction, processing, and manufacturing of cannabis products by licensed companies for research and clinical purposes. This new opening will place Australia in pole position in the international legal medical marijuana industry, as the state-licensed companies will service medical marijuana needs both at home and abroad. Buying Legal Marijuana in Australia

What are the Laws on Medical/Recreational Marijuana in Australia?

The Misuse of Drugs (Medicinal Cannabis) Amendment Bill stipulates the legal channel of distribution of medical cannabis products. Initially, the Ministry of Health directly supervised access to the drug by the patients, requiring each doctor’s script to pass through the Ministry’s officials before it can be honored at pharmacies and dispensaries. However, the health ministry has recently withdrawn from this supervisory role, leaving it up to only licensed physicians to prescribe the drug for patients to further ease access to the drugs. Recreational Marijuana in Australia Recreational Marijuana in Australia Where can i buy recreational marijuana in Australia Where can i buy recreational marijuana in Australia Order recreational weed in Queensland Order recreational weed in Queensland

Nonetheless, the laws on recreational use have hardly been altered on the books, although law enforcement now tends to overlook small offenses. The Misuse of Drugs Act stipulates punishment for offenses ranging from $500 for possession to a 14-year jail term for cultivation and supply. A supplier is presumed to be anyone caught in possession of at least 1 ounce of cannabis buds or 100 cannabis joints.